Small Beauty Brush with Brass Cylinder

Small Beauty Brush with Brass Cylinder


This is the essential beauty tool for giving a toning massage at any time and has a wide variety of applications which offer both yin + yang effects. It can be used to treat wrinkles, tighten and tone the face or reduce blemishes.  It’s also very effective for treating sagging eyebrows through combining the stimulation of the brush with the massage of the yin cylinder.

The brush tones the muscle to recover its original position, and the smooth cylinder activates nutrients to firm and tighten the muscle and skin.

The brush’s teeth give precise, in-depth stimulation on small surfaces. The effect is similar to that of a manual massage on large muscles, allowing you to massage small areas on the face.  Therapeutically to treat teeth grinding, jaw clenching or muscle tension in the face, massage in small circles for 2 minutes.

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Directions for Care…

Steel Brush: Clean with soft cloth moistened with household alcohol.

Horn Handle: Clean with a cloth soaked in diluted alcohol, or ammonia water (1 tablespoon ammonia to 1 quart of water).  Manufactured out of natural horn which has natural antiseptic properties. 

Brass Cylinder: Clean with diluted lemon juice or baking soda.  Buff with soft cloth for shine.


The tool is handcrafted by local Vietnamese artisans from ox horn (a found item from after the end of the animal’s natural life), brass and stainless steel.