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A unique, proprietary blend of woman, sensual alchemist + innovative entrepreneur



Refined by life and its many twists and turns, my passion for indulging the senses has led me to explore and study my craft from the vast Canadian prairies to the lavender fields of Provence, France and on to the intense focus + energy of NYC. I have gathered skills and experiences with one clear intention: to bring exclusive wellness discoveries back home, to you, right here in Saskatoon.


Deeply schooled in the European art & science of Aromatherapy.

To extend my complimentary care services, I hold certifications in Dien Chan Zone Multi-Reflexology, Dien Chan Multi-Reflexology & Chan’ Beauté, which are Italian + Vietnamese methods of facial reflexology for therapeutics and beauty. Studying with Milan + Barcelona-based instructors, I was the first Saskatchewan clinician trained in these areas.


Most recently, continued studies in the fields of aromatherapy and botanical perfumery have lured me to train with world class educators and master craftspeople in NYC and France.

Providing individualized solutions tailored to a client’s unique needs is what guided me to choose the modalities in which I’m trained + certified. These methods provide me with an extensive array of tools and ingredients to serve you with. Individualized care is the heart of my practice.


My earliest memories linger around one common theme:

Scent / 

As a child I’d observe my Mom’s ritual of preparing for a special event. What stands out most was the perfume she’d reserve for such occasions. The finishing touch, and then she was ready. She’d emerge confident, feeling good about herself. Isn’t that what we all want? To feel good about who we are? Confident about our place in the world? My childhood memories and fantasies of fake nails + fur coats have transcended into a passion for exploring, being trained for - and now providing - luxuriously unique beauty and self care rituals that holistically restore, relax, rejuvenate + refresh. The experiences of which have helped me to feel more confident and connected to my strengths, gifts and purpose. And throughout my journey of evolving my curiosity, one question still spills from my lips...


What's your favorite scent?

Can you name it? What was your first thought?

Is it the lingering scent of smoke from last night’s campfire on the beach?
Is it the fresh coffee + toast aroma seemingly embedded in your Grandma’s kitchen walls?
Or how about West Coast cedar after an intoxicating forest rain?
The promise of love forever etched on rose petals or the ancient, evocative lure of sandalwood?


I want to know.

I want to listen.

I want to soothe, to serve, to indulge your senses.