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Reawaken / Rejuvenate

Revive Facial


Revive Facial

Elevate your self-care ritual with this holistic offering that is sure to rejuvenate your wellbeing on many levels. This exclusive facial service blends elements of ayurveda, Chinese medicine + Italian facial reflexology. Your session will be uniquely crafted to reflect your personal needs and choices at the beginning of our time together: options of kansa massage, facial gua sha, facial cupping, jade roller massage, or dien chan zone.


75 minutes @ $125

[initial session includes assessment]*


Consider this...

Time is your most precious resource, right? I highly recommend making the most of your time at Bobé with these customizable add-on services.

  • Customized aromatherapeutic massage for a full body treatment

  • Crystal facial grid [customized placement of crystals to infuse energetic benefits]

Aromatherapy + crystals can serve to subtly enhance your inner balance, radiance and harmony, holistically addressing your mind + emotional state of being. True beauty radiates from the inner... to the outer.

*Your very first experience begins with a refreshing glass of purified crystal water or a soothing cup of our hand-foraged signature tea while we connect and assess your current wellbeing + desired health goals.

Revive Facial

The Benefits




Visibly lifting, firming + sculpting skin 



Lymphatic drainage


Evens Skin Tone



Increases blood circulation + remove toxins; which prevents + reduces wrinkles


 ready to redefine pampering?

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'Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication'

I’ve been on a marvellously sophisticated adventure, attempting to capture beauty . . in a bottle! Scouring the French countryside for ancient roses, the hidden apothecaries of Grenwich Village for the perfect patchouli . . and slipping into Saskatchewan’s own fragrant forests to encapsulate fresh cut wood and campfire. Such an intimate, sensual botanical journey it’s been.

I’ll share all my stories, and this signature scintillating scent, soon.

Created especially for your sensual delight . . and for those closest to you.

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