Reusable Organic Bamboo Rounds (Natural) (pack of 7)

Reusable Organic Bamboo Rounds (Natural) (pack of 7)


Our reusable organic bamboo rounds are a great, eco-friendly alternative to single-use cotton rounds. They are perfect for: applying toner, removing makeup, or for use with your favorite cleanser; they can even be used for removing nail polish, or as a gentle wipe for babies during changing or bath time.

With a super soft, silky feel, these rounds are plush and luxurious; a must for sensitive skin! They also feature a center zigzag stitch to prevent the two sides from slipping against each other during use. Toss them in the wash in a mesh laundry bag, and reuse them over and over again!

Small batch. Made in Canada.

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Ingredient list…

Made from 70 percent organic bamboo viscose, and 30 percent organic cotton.

Care Instructions:

Rinse after use. Place in a mesh bag and launder with your regular laundry. Pads may discolour over time, but discoloration should not impact usability or effectiveness.