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Dien Chan Zone Multi-Reflexology



Discover the wondrous healing power of this exclusive, therapeutic technique that is guaranteed to take its rightful place at the top of your complementary healthcare regimen.

Multi-reflexology - Dien Chan - is a natural, non-invasive technique practiced in short sessions in which one can attain relief - of pain and other discomforts - almost immediately. It has a wide field of application and offers outstanding results in the treatment of migraines, digestive and circulatory systems, muscle and joint diseases as well as sinusitis, cramps, lumbago or sciatica. Simply nothing compares to this innovative must experience it for yourself.

Besides providing stimulation by gently holding pressure on points, the rolling, hammering, kneading and detecting also 'speak' to our brain to encourage homeostasis [the natural balance within the body].


90 MINUTES @ $150

[initial session includes assessment]*

60 MINUTES @ $100

30 minutes @ $50

[subsequent treatments]

*Your very first experience begins with a refreshing glass of purified crystal water or a soothing cup of our hand-foraged signature tea while we connect and assess your current wellbeing + desired health goals.


Dien Chan zone

The Benefits




Relieves neck + back pain



Regulates hormones


Improves digestive health



Increases energy flow



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Beauty /

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

I’ve been on a marvellously sophisticated adventure, attempting to capture beauty . . in a bottle! Scouring the French countryside for ancient roses, the hidden apothecaries of Grenwich Village for the perfect patchouli . . and slipping into Saskatchewan’s own fragrant forests to encapsulate fresh cut wood and campfire. Such an intimate, sensual botanical journey it’s been.

I’ll share all my stories . . and this signature scintillating scent . . soon.

Created especially for your sensual delight . . and for those closest to you.

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