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Chan' Beauté Luxury Facial 


Luxury Facial

"Your face is the mirror of your soul . . and a reflection of your inner balance."

We all know the power of touch, the benefit of a caress. This unique offering is guaranteed to enhance your natural radiance. Less technical than Dien Chan, more sensual . . more luxurious. You are so worth it! Indulge and discover the difference.

The yin and yang of Multireflex tools perfectly describe the effect we wish to convey. As in the Dien Chan treatment, small facial tools are used to stimulate the facial surface, increasing the blood and lymphatic micro-circulation. These gentle yet effective tools adapt perfectly to the outlines of the face and to the smaller facial zones, such as the corners of the mouth and the eyebrows, and do not penetrate or damage the skin in any way.

Designed to integrate your facial experience, this offering concludes with a grounding upper body massage.


Your treatment protocol can be customized to focus on areas of concern, such as addressing scars, fine lines, wrinkles, moles, birth marks, cellulite, or tightening of skin around the jaw or neckline.

Extend the experience by cultivating a home practice with your own unique set of Dien Chan tools, available for purchase in the studio or mail order. Home use continually improves results + has been known to strengthen the active ingredients of your facial products {creams, serums, etc.} thereby accelerating their results and enhancing their effectiveness.


75 MINUTES @ $125

If you've recently invested in botox or filler therapies, please wait 3 months before booking Chan'Beaute facials to ensure your treatments remain intact.

Chan' beauté

The Benefits




Diminishes Wrinkles




Reduces Puffy eyes + dark circles



Tightens skin



Enhances skincare products




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Beauty /

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

I’ve been on a marvellously sophisticated adventure, attempting to capture beauty . . in a bottle! Scouring the French countryside for ancient roses, the hidden apothecaries of Grenwich Village for the perfect patchouli . . and slipping into Saskatchewan’s own fragrant forests to encapsulate fresh cut wood and campfire. Such an intimate, sensual botanical journey it’s been.

I’ll share all my stories . . and this signature scintillating scent . . soon.

Created especially for your sensual delight . . and for those closest to you.

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