It’s been said that “If you don’t have time for the small things, you won’t have time for the big things”. Do you find yourself providing self-care only when you’re feeling your worst? When you feel like your mind + body are saying
“I’m just so tired” or is in pain? When you look in the mirror + see a shadow of yourself looking back?


Making the Time

Do you hear yourself saying that you just don’t have time?

When it comes to truly caring for oneself,
It is a necessity.
Being kind, forgiving + compassionate to ourselves.

When looking for change or improvement, CONSISTENCY with new habits is one of the greatest contributors to getting results.

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Self-Care is a Priority

I’m sure you already know this. I see it all the time with my clients. The women getting the most significant results are those who: Make their wellbeing + practices a priority AND are consistent.

Even with knowing this, something is still stopping us from doing it for ourselves! I had to be honest + admit that even I wasn’t booking in regularly. That’s when I thought to create this program.


We all need a little help...

A nudge...
Some encouragement...
Some reward.

That’s just part of being human

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What if you found a unique regime that
addressed your needs for

Solitude + ritual
Physical, emotional + mental wellbeing
Skincare enrichment
Didn’t involve sweat, weights, a rubber mat or running shoes And had me checking in with you?

What if, now that you’ve found it, you:

1. Were rewarded for prioritizing self care
2. Received Exclusive savings on premium products
to extend the rituals at home?


Introducing the

Bobé Beauty Club

Membership Packages



Current Extra Perk for all membership levels:

50% off The Sugar Shift 8 Week Program by Freedom Holistic Nutrition (Savings of $100!)



$25 /year

First 7 sessions - 10% off

Any subsequent sessions - 15% off

Product purchases - 5% off



$70 /year

First 7 sessions - 10%off

Any subsequent sessions - 15% off

Product purchases - 5% off

FREE Facial Reflexology Tool or Poetic Blend Facial Oil



$250 /year

First 7 sessions - 15% off

Any subsequent sessions - 20% off

Product purchases - 10% off

FREE Facial Reflexology tool or Poetic Blend Facial Oil

FREE BONUS! "Celebrate like any day is my birthday" EXPERIENCE Package

$225 Value | Session includes:

• Chan'Beaute Luxury Facial

• Aromatherapeutic Massage



The Fine Print

*It shouldn't have to be your birthday or birthday month to celebrate you. Redeem your experience any time!

Non-transferable but giftable! Expires 1 year from purchase date. No refund. Valid for services lasting 60 minutes +. Discounts do not apply to gift certificate purchases.

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